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Armand L. Roos

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Charles E. Tabor

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Cliffe C. Laborde, III

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Donald B. Wiener

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John M. Frazier

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John M. Madison Jr.

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John M. Madison, III.

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M. Allyn Stroud

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Meg Frazier

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Reid A. Jones

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Seth M. Moyers

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Wiener, Weiss & Madison rests on the foundation of a law practice established by the late Jacques L. Wiener who opened his law office in Shreveport in 1932. In 1961 he was joined by his son, Jacques L. Wiener, Jr., and his son-in-law, Donald P. Weiss, forming Wiener, Weiss & Wiener. In 1975 the name changed with the addition of John M. Madison, Jr. and James R. Madison to the firm.

Jacques L. Wiener, Jr. left the firm in 1990 to become a Judge on the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. However, today the firm still includes members of the three families whose names are a part of its heritage. They are joined by other capable attorneys, each selected for his or her expertise in the law.

The distinguished history of Wiener, Weiss & Madison guides all members of the firm as they commit to the highest standards of legal practice, serving individuals and the business community.


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